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The idea  for Grandma's Recipes originally came from a desire to resurrect dishes from my childhood.  Not just my grandma's, but my moms, aunts, neighbors, and church bazaars.  This expanded into lots of old time cooking, and southern style cooking recipes.  Then, as my travels came to mind, recipes from Asian, and European countries resurfaced.  In this search, simple, easy, foolproof recipes, made from scratch became the criteria for inclusion here.  Perhaps the most pragmatic reason for this eclectic collection of recipes, was a nice, convenient place to store them.  And, yes, these are the recipes I use all the time.  If I find a new recipe, try it and like it, it gets added.  Last, but not least, no claim is made here to the uniqueness of these recipes, in fact, most are not mine at all, but from times past ... perhaps all the way back to stone age man or woman!


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