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The Country Store


A list of all the items used in the recipes have been put in a Microsoft Excel file which can be downloaded to your computer.  This file could be used to make your regular grocery shopping list.   Click here to download  the file (filename: condiments.xls).  The data format should be easy to follow ...




A - Group

Group name for the item

B - Isle

Location code for the item, typically the isle number in the store

C - Buy

'x' = need to buy, '.' = do not need to buy

D - Item

The item description

E - Price

Item price

F - '/'


G - Unit

Unit of measure

H - Store

Store where purchased last, i.e., WM = Wal-Mart

I - Qty

Quantity to buy

J - 'blank'

This column heading is blank, however the data for each item is the cumulative total value of all purchases up to and including the current item (Previous Total +[Buy*Price]).  This running total works for any sort values selected.


A typical use for this file when getting your shopping list together is to first sort the file by Item, Store and Isle (ascending).  Go through the entire file, marking the items you need to buy with an 'x' in the buy column.  With the pricing data, you can decide which store to buy the item from.  When you have marked all the items you need to buy, than sort the file by Buy (descending), Store and Isle.  Than, select all the items marked as needing to buy (x) for printing and set that to your print area (under File).  Print the selected list.  You can now use this list for your shopping list ... all the items you need to buy are grouped together by store and than Isle within the store along with a running total for your shopping list.


When you return from shopping, mark all the items you did buy on your list with a '.' in the Buy field.  Also, update any price changes for the items your purchased.  Than, sort the file again by Buy (descending), Store and Isle.  Set the print area to the remaining items on your list and print the Buy items for your list of items still needing to buy.


Be sure to continue to add items to the list that you do buy which are not currently on the list.


Don't forget to save the file after updating it.  Good Luck and Happy Shopping.


The Isle descriptions are on the following page...

Condiments - Location Codes.



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